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Endless Skye Software is a software consulting company operating in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley since 1991. ESS has an extensive background providing innovative and unorthodox solutions to low level system issues on Windows embedded and desktop systems. Are you tired of the operating system not working as expected? Do you need the OS to do things it wasn't designed to do? Is the OS holding your design's performance back? ESS can help.

Draw on the deep system level experience of ESS with the Windows platform dating back to its very beginnings. Device drivers. Operating system extensions. Performance enhancements to drivers and other critical system components. Unraveling the mysteries of system internals to fix and improve your implementation.

Being in Silicon Valley has given ESS an unique edge. ESS has worked with some notable startups on the cusp of innovation. Go Corporation, the father of gestures on touchpad computers in 1991. Others whose names are gone and forgotten because their products were also too far ahead of their time. ESS has also worked with the usual suspects of now long established companies helping to push the envelope on their designs and implementations.

So step inside and look around. Interested? Have a problem or question? A comment? Send an email.

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